/The Best Women’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

The Best Women’s Underwear on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

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Here at the Strategist, we like to think of ourselves as crazy (in the good way) about the stuff we buy, but as much as we’d like to, we can’t try everything. Which is why we have People’s Choice, in which we find the best-reviewed products and single out the most convincing ones. (You can learn more about our rating system and how we pick each item here.)

And while we’ve written about lots of underwear before — including the best men’s underwear, the best women’s underwear to buy in bulk, and the best seamless underwear — here we’ve rounded up the best women’s underwear, as praised by the most enthusiastic reviewers on Amazon.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Beyond Soft Panties

More than 1,000 five-star reviewers on Amazon use the word “soft” to describe these briefs from Fruit of the Loom. “They fit right, are very comfortable to wear, and don’t ride up,” writes one reviewer. As another admits, “These are not your date-night panties. You wear these when you wanna watch movies with that bowl of ice cream after a hard day at work.” But she still calls this underwear “so darn comfy.” Another agrees, writing, “When I first purchased these undies I felt like I was buying ‘granny panties’ but after wearing them I now think that our grandmothers were onto something and these underpants are the kindest thing I’ve done for myself in a long time.” Others love that “they’re made of very soft cotton and the elastic is not restricting at all so no weird muffin top or rolls hanging over,” as one reviewer says, and another concurs, writing, “They’re stretchy and thin enough that they’re barely visible even in yoga pants, but not so thin that they feel low-quality. They’re not too high cut or low cut, the leg holes are a great size and shape, and they’re just very comfortable overall.”

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Cotton Brief Panty Multipack

Reviewers admit that this isn’t the most fashion-forward underwear, with dozens calling them “granny panties,” but many altered their opinion after trying them, like one who writes, “I love these panties. Like some others, I used to laugh at my grandma’s underwear, but now I get it. At 62 years young, I want my panties to be comfortable and breathe. I originally bought these just to sleep in, but when I open my underwear drawer, they are my first choice.” Many appreciate how soft they are, with a few noting, they’re so soft “it’s almost like wearing nothing,” as one writes. Lots overall felt they fit comfortably regardless of shape and size, like one who writes, “What can I say? I have a large toosh and needed something that would fit. I don’t like those skimpy undies that barely fit anything on anyone. I needed something that would fit and would be comfy. These fit the bill.”

And now for some micro-picks for every type of women’s underwear you might be looking for.

Amazon Essentials Women’s Cotton Stretch Bikini Panty

One reviewer lamented not being able to find “cute cotton underwear that isn’t granny-panties.” Another says the “underwear scene has gotten so bad” she started sewing her own, until she found this pair from Amazon, writing, “In ten years I have never found a pair of underwear I was willing to buy a second time, until these. These are the first.” She continues, listing out every positive she noticed, “They don’t ride up. They don’t cut in. The crotch is wide enough to hold and stay put. They’re soft, smooth, the seams are flat and don’t irritate. They’re plain, but flattering, I don’t feel like a frump wearing them around the house.” Others fully agree, with one calling this, “Perfect cotton underwear for normal women who don’t want anything fancy, just comfort and proper fit, but not total granny panties either.” Plus, many appreciate the relatively low price, as one puts it, “If you are looking for a good-quality, inexpensive and comfortable option to very expensive underwear, these are it.”

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Breathable Panties

“Comfortable” and “breathable” are the two words commonly used to describe this underwear. One reviewer notes, “I can’t say enough great things about these new breathable mesh underwear but they are the best undies I have ever worn. They are so incredibly comfy you truly aren’t aware you have them on.” Others love that they keep you cool and don’t ride up as other women’s underwear tends to. “They are very soft and they move with you, not like the spelunking underwear most of us are used to. And they help keep you cool and dry,” as this reviewer puts it. Another bought this specifically for “hiking and camping,” and felt for the comfort and price, nothing could beat this pair. She writes, “You’ve heard of the song of the summer? These are the panties of the summer. Save your hoo-ha and buy these today. Do they make my boyfriend pant because they’re drop dead sexy? No. But I definitely feel more confident because I know I don’t smell like swamp thang down there, so pick your battles ladies.”

Kalon Women’s Hipster Brief Nylon Spandex Underwear (6-Pack)

Customers purchased this underwear because “it’s basically a low-rise brief,” as one reviewer explains. She continues, “I’m sick and tired of my bikini and other hipster bottoms riding up and getting into places they shouldn’t. These are soft and stretchy and so comfy.” Another understood and experienced the same issues, writing, “I’ve struggled for years to find a pair of briefs that fits just the way I want. I don’t want granny panties, but it seems like so many pairs I try are unflattering and cut into my body creating extra dents and lumps. But finally, these briefs are great. Soft, stretchy and they cover my booty and don’t dig into my tummy.” Another explains, “I had been searching for great briefs that aren’t high cut, are full coverage yet don’t extend up the waist; these are exactly what I was looking for.” One reviewer concludes, “Great undies, well-made, comfortable, and inexpensive.”

Innersy Women’s Tummy Control Underpants

Many women purchased these after having C-sections, with one calling them “a lifesaver” because “they rise way above the incision, and offer compression to hold a thick bandage in place to protect my incision.” Others agree that they stay in place all day. One reviewer who openly shares the severity of her C-section and hysterectomy scars explains, “These underwear stay put no matter what. They don’t roll down, they don’t dig into my scar, and they provide some support to hold everything in place.” She does warn, though, that “these are not shapewear or Spanx, so don’t expect these to make you appear thinner by multiple inches.” Others just love these for no special reason other than they’re extremely comfortable, as one puts it, “These women’s panties are one of the most comfortable I have ever worn. They don’t bind on the legs or pinch anywhere. The cut of these is generous yet snug, not baggy and it feels like a second skin. I’m throwing out all my older panties and replacing them with these.”

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Plus-Size Four-Pack Fit For Me Flexible Fit Brief

“I have tried so much underwear and thought no matter what I tried I wouldn’t find anything comfortable now that I am plus-size. But then I found these,” writes one happy shopper. “They brought me to tears. I could not believe how comfortable they are. The have just the right amount of stretch and absolutely are cut for plus-size gals.” Another reviewer agrees, saying that “plus size undies don’t really take into account how fat bodies actually work.” But she fell in love with these, writing, “These underwear actually fit and are comfortable to wear. No wedgies in the back or front.” One reviewer also struggled to find a pair that doesn’t “ride up, fit lose in the bum or ride up too high in thigh area,” writing that this pair hit everything on her checklist: “They hide the panty line while also allowing it to feel like I was wearing nothing at all. They have a smooth waistband that offer the ease of wearing without it digging into your side. They provide great coverage and overall comfort for sure.”

Balanced Tech Women’s 6-Pack Seamless Hipster Brief Bikini Panties

Many women who expressed that normal underwear didn’t hold up during a workout, causing dampness and an odor down there, gave these underwear high marks. One writes, “I was surprised these panties are actually very comfortable and do wick the sweat away. I have worn these for working out, hiking, and in extremely hot environments and they didn’t make me feel like I had a swamp between my legs,” writes one. Another who agree this might be a “TMI,” writes, “these stop me from sweating or if I do sweat just due to being extremely hot, there’s no sweaty smell, which was my biggest issue. And no more sweat spots on my clothing. I would give these 10 stars if I could.” Others love that they’re “they are seamless so they don’t show lines,” as one says, but overall, they check all the boxes for workout underwear, as one sums it up, saying, “I’ve been on the hunt for some underwear that would stay put for my CrossFit workouts and these are perfect. No visible panty line and no wedgies; they stay in place.”

Kalon Nylon Spandex Thong Underwear

One reviewer calls these the “perfect gym panties.” She continues, “No lines and doesn’t show through leggings.” Another reviewer agrees, also noting that “these stay where they need to be. After my lifelong search, I’m buying another pack of these in other colors because I finally found the best workout undies.” Others say that these can work for every day use also because they’re soft and breathable, like one who writes, “Y’all. Let me tell you about how these are the holy grail of perfect everyday thongs. Soft material? Check. No tags? Check. Doesn’t dig in anywhere? Size up slightly and check!” Plenty say that regardless of your size, they fit well, like one reviewer with a self-proclaimed “large booty,” writes, “I gave up wearing dental floss years ago but wanted something to wear with exercise leggings that wouldn’t show, and something to sleep in that wouldn’t crawl up the you know where. These are wonderfully stretchy, cover the tummy well, and are surprisingly comfortable.”

Jo & Bette Lace-Trimmed Thong Underwear

Lots of reviewers compare this underwear to higher-end brands, like Hanky Panky and Victoria’s Secret. One such reviewer explains, “They are exactly the same quality if not better than the lace thongs VS sells. I’m buying more today and it feels like I’ve figured out the ‘great panty secret.’” Another reviewer who says she finds “thong panties comfortable and wear them every day,” writes, “These are nice, comfy cotton thong panties that are perfect for that. Are thongs sexy? Sure. But when I’m just walking around or at work or something, I ain’t about ‘sexy.’ I’m about ‘comfy’ and these work.” Others note that the lace feels high quality and and love that “the V coverage is just right, and made of cotton,” as one reviewer expresses. She continues, writing, “I don’t like the idea of synthetic material in my nether-region for health reasons. These don’t pinch, slide, or ride up.”

Wirarpa Women’s High-Waist Cotton Briefs (4-Pack)

Eighty percent of reviewers rated this full-coverage underwear five stars. Many call them “granny panties,” but as one explains, “If you, like me, have accepted that comfort is the most important thing in life, then buy these underwear. Make no mistake, they are full coverage. Be relieved and proud that you have finally graduated to granny panties.” Another agrees, saying comfort should be above everything with underwear, writing, “I was having trouble finding a panty that didn’t bind and was comfortable and at least somewhat attractive. Well ta-da. This is it. Not only are they comfortable for bed but work great during the day too. I want to get rid of all my panties and just wear these.” Another says that while they are high waisted, they “definitely aren’t tummy control,” but notes that doesn’t bother her, continuing, “Holy crap. they are comfortable. I wear a 14-16 and have a problem with everything riding up my butt. These do not.” And as this reviewer concludes, “They sit right at the waist, no rolling, bunching or pinching anywhere, very soft, no compression but perfectly snug so that it’s easy to get clothes on over them.”

Warm Sun Women’s Bamboo Viscose Fiber Multipack

Many women felt that the material made from bamboo was more breathable than other fabrics they’ve tried, with one writing, “My job is very strenuous and I usually leave like I just left the gym, very sweaty. I needed something that dries fast, keeps you cool, and doesn’t cause you to chafe. This exceeded my expectations.” This teacher who bought these to keep her from sweating during recess in the Florida heat even goes so far to say she “found the holy grail of underwear,” explaining, “It is so hot and humid here, so usually I feel like I’ve wet my pants after being outside (sorry, TMI), but it’s just the plain, disgusting truth. I can honestly say that I was dry all day wearing these underwear. I can’t say enough about the cooling qualities of these underwear. It’s like magic.” Reviewers even rejoice that this is the only full coverage pair that doesn’t leave a panty line, like one who writes, “I have purchased a gazillion different types of underwear, from cheap to very expensive, looking for a kind that truly shows no visible panty line.These don’t. I have never felt as confident in my work pants, which tend to be fitted in the rear.”

Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Boyshort

“How have I lived without these? They are amazing,” writes one happy shopper. “They’re cute and don’t ride up.” Another reviewer agrees: “I just wanted a pair of boyshorts that I wouldn’t be picking out of my butt every fifteen minutes. From the wonderfully soft fabric to the comfortable band, if you want a pair of undies that your butt won’t be constantly eating, this is the way to go.” Many felt they were a bit pricey for just one pair, but most felt after wearing them they were worth it. As one concludes, “I always wondered why these underwear were pretty pricey. Now I know why. These underwear are super comfortable and great if you are curvy. Worth every dollar.”

Caramel Cantina Nylon Spandex Plus Size Hipster Boy Short Panties (6-Pack)

Plus-size women tend to give these panties great reviews because, as one explains, they “are soft, stretchy, comfortable, and don’t roll down.” Another agrees, writing, “There’s no feeling of I know I have underwear on because they are riding up my butt, cutting off circulation and digging into my hips. They’re just there. Doing their job. It’s great.” Many note it’s difficult to find plus-size boyshorts, like one who writes, “I have been looking for some plus-size boyshort underwear for quite a while. These are the best I have found. They don’t ride up on the leg or the bootie and stay where they need to.” Another reviewer calls this pair, “great for working out because the nylon in them makes them pretty sweat and stain resistant.”

Jockey Women’s Plus Size Elance French Cut 3-Pack

Plenty of plus-size reviewers lamented how difficult it is to find comfortable underwear that fits well, but rejoiced after trying this French-cut pair from Jockey. “This is the only underwear that I find fits plus-size ladies,” writes one reviewer. Another agrees, writing, “I like the style. As a plus size, the French cut does not cut into my skin as regular briefs do.” Many love that the leg holes are larger than other pairs and don’t chafe, like one who writes, “It’s hard to find panties that don’t chafe around the leg holes. These have the most wrapping around the elastic and they’re comfortable all day. All cotton? Yes please! I bought several more packages, no need to try anything else.”

Amazon Essentials Cotton High-Cut Brief Panties

Dozens comment that this high-cut brief flattered their curvier frames, like one who says “these high-cut briefs are fabulous,” and another who notes, “They are slightly high-cut in the thigh, which I was worried about, but it isn’t that high at all and super nice if you have bigger thighs, because there’s extra room there. They have a good amount of stretchiness and snugness to them.” Others are just impressed with how well they fit and how comfortable they are. “They reach just underneath my belly button, so I wouldn’t call them granny panties, but they aren’t bikinis, either. These are how high-leg briefs should always fit, in much opinion. No issues with wedgies or sliding around, either. Very comfortable,” sums up one reviewer. Another is fully ready to toss the rest of her panty stock for this Amazon brand version. She writes, “I recommend these to any (and all) of my mom friends or clients that need something high waisted, secure, and comfortable. If I could get rid of all my undies except these (and a few sexy pairs, because, you know, gotta keep the spark alive), I totally would.”

Calvin Klein Women’s Sleek String-Bikini Panty

Many comment that this string-bikini style of underwear is rare but it’s an absolute favorite among dozens of five-star reviewers. One who agrees the style is “oddly hard to find nowadays,” writes, “I love how they move with my body under my clothing and it feels like I’m not wearing underwear. The low rise is great too and the styling is very sleek and sexy too.” Another says, “I seriously doubt that you can find a better pair of string bikinis than these,” continuing, “The material that these are constructed from is awesome, they are very comfortable and they wick moisture away from your body very quickly.” Lots of men wrote they purchased them for their significant others, like one who has bought six different pairs shares, “My girlfriend looks so sexy in these. She is a nurse constantly moving bending over and lifting and says these things never bunch up, and they’re the most comfortable ones that she’s ever worn.”

Cauniss Sexy Lace Briefs for Women

Many women write that they wanted the sexy appeal of a thong without the discomfort. As one writes, “They are super comfortable yet still very sexy for those of us who want the look of lingerie but don’t want to be picking a thong out of our behind all day.” Another wasn’t totally sure there’d be enough coverage, but after trying them, she came around, writing, “These panties fit just right. They are soft, which I didn’t think they would be with the lace. The lace is mostly on the backside. The back of the panty covers your butt, no thong here. The front covers all.” Another says that even for briefs, she has no panty lines, commenting, “So cute, and eliminates the panty lines around the legs. They are very comfortable to wear–they stay in place in the back, so no discomfort.” Some even find them comfortable enough to just wear casually as this reviewer sums up, “These are great quality and look really nice on. And they are actually ridiculously comfortable, so I enjoy wearing them even if I don’t have a fun evening planned.”

Moxeay Sexy G-String Underwear

Women compare this lace thong to higher-end brands, noting that with these “you can’t beat the price or selection of colors,” as one says. Another says the high quality but stretchy lace is a selling point, noting, “The material is thick and feels good. The tension is even and the lace is soft.” Another man who bought them for his wife comments that she “said these were just as comfortable as her Victoria secret V-strings at an über-inexpensive price.” One woman was shocked by this underwear, saying they are “way nicer quality,” than she expected and summing it up by saying, “They’re super comfy. What I like most is that they fit really great; they aren’t super weirdly long and skinny like some cheaper underwear can be. I’m definitely going to be buying a ton more of these.”

Cotton Whisper G-String Briefs

Reviewers rave over how comfortable these thongs are, with one saying that although “thongs are generally seen as inherently uncomfortable,” these are great. She writes, “As a modern woman who likes to let my booty pop in any given outfit I wear and doesn’t want said booty to be marred by unsightly panty lines, I wear a lot of thongs. The front has reasonable coverage and they’re cut generously all over so that you don’t get a gross sausage effect from where the sides cut into your hips. Also, the cotton fabric’s breathability is a must for healthy lady bits. These thongs keep my booty looking fine and my bits just as comfortable as the most embarrassing granny panties, even at the gym.” Another comments that she didn’t expect this underwear to be so high quality for the price, but she writes, “It’s hard to find cotton undies in a thong style that aren’t bulky, these fit just like my synthetic thongs, with the added benefit of being healthier for the lady parts.” And as this reviewer concludes, “They are invisible under leggings and skinny jeans, don’t roll on the sides, are made of a soft, breathable cotton blend that just gets better with each wash, the crotch is stitched down comfortably, and the price is right.”

ExOfficio Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Bikini Brief

Dozens writes that this brief is their choice underwear for outdoor activities, like hiking. “These were comfortable and cool. I did a lot of walking and hiking and they didn’t bunch or ride up. Leg holes were smooth and didn’t pinch,” writes one. Another calls these “the greatest underwear in the history of underwear,” because they are “attractive, comfortable, easy to wash and dry (we backpack and camp), and are perfect for every day.” One mentioned that this underwear held up sweat and odor free after an “outdoor run in 80% humidity and 80 degree heat.” One reviewer calls the material “quick drying, lightweight, and moisture wicking,” and notes, “This company essentially makes adventure gear, but you don’t have to be on an adventure to own them and love them.”

Yoyi Fashion Mesh Leakproof Period Panties

More than one reviewer said that these period-proof panties changed their life. One woman opens up about her heavy flow, sharing, “I had grown to accept that there were three or four days each month that I was unable to leave my house, and unable to even sit on my furniture at home, for fear of flooding. It was seriously life-limiting.” But she continues on to say, “Since I found this product, my world has opened up again. They are 100% leak-proof, ladies. No more missing out on life.” Another who explains she has “extremely heavy periods,” felt that compared to other brands, these are actually affordable, like one who writes, “These are much more affordable than others and they work. I use overnight maxi pads along with these and can sit on the couch without worrying about making a mess. These seriously are a lifesaver.” One admits that “they aren’t the most flattering pair of underwear,” but overall, “they do their job.”

Giftpocket Women’s Under-Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

Pregnant women fell in love with this underwear specifically made for them. “I have tried buying so many different underwear, and these are the only ones that have fit comfortably. They go up high enough on your back and hips to hold them in place, and rest below your baby bump,” one pregnant woman explains. Another who is “so happy with this underwear,” writes, “The bottom line is this underwear perfectly avoids putting any pressure on my belly while feeling like normal underwear in every other aspect. I finally feel comfortable for the first time in weeks.” One who said her non-pregnancy underwear kept “rolling down” whenever she moved, a fact she called “the most annoying thing,” felt this underwear was the solution, writing, “I love these underwear with all of my heart. They don’t roll down, they don’t squish or squeeze me in weird places, they don’t ride up or slide down. They’re essentially perfect.” One even loved them so much that she still uses them, writing, “These are by far the best underwear I’ve owned. I wear them all the time post pregnancy and have bought more since being pregnant.”

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